Hello Lima, Peru.

And 18 years later, I was blessed to go back to my beautiful country and see one of the wonders of the world, Machu Picchu, don’t forget to check my post on it!

My family lives in Lima, so as any Latina, you must visit all tios and tias if you are in town. I decided to spend three nights there and although most of my time was spent with family in Lima, I got to do a few cool things; many were free which is my budget of choice 🙂  

Barranco District:

I visited Barranco, one of their most colorful districts. It was filled with art murals and their houses are painted in bright colors. We got to see some cool live local artists and made a quick wish as we walked by el Puente de los Suspiros for good luck.  

Tip: Although, I did not have the time to eat here, my cousin, a local of course, highly recommends to get anticuchos (beef heart kabobs) from Anticucheria Tio Mario. Don’t knock it until you try it. Remember to taste anything at least once unless you are allergic lol

Colorful Barranco!

Miraflores District:

This district is of one their more upscale areas in Lima. I felt like I was in some parts of the United States. People running with their strollers during the middle of the day, tall buildings and very calm areas. I went to see their shopping center called Larcomar which oversees the Pacific Ocean, that was dope. I also walked to their Parque del Amor (Love Park), which is known for their mosaic art, countless love quotes imprinted on these mosaic walls and a huge kissing couple statue. The ocean views are breathtaking and nothing beats a free park visit.

Tip: Anticucheria Grimanesa was amazing! The meat tasted fresh and the portions were large.

Parque del Amor

Other Things to Do: Plaza Mayor and Parque de las Reservas.

Plaza Mayor: When you go to Plaza Mayor, check out the Government Palace and go right before 12pm and you can witness their cambio de armas (changing of guards ceremony); it’s worth watching. While in Plaza Mayor, we also checked out the Catedral Basilica de Lima. I enjoyed its architecture, its ancient paintings and my favorite part was the narrow crypts with very well preserved remains. The remains of Pizarro are there also, if you care for it.

We ate at Cordano near the Plaza, the lomo saltado (beef stir fry with onions, tomatoes and fries) was to die for but I would skip on their ceviche. Their prices were also on the high but I expected it since it’s located in the center of a touristic area.

Tip: If you want a great ceviche, please try El Rincon Tumbesino in Lima.



Parque de las Reservas: This park has several fountains surrounded by gardens. In the evenings, they have lights and water shows, water plays and water tunnels. It cost about 4 soles per person. It was pretty cool, I’ve never seen one before but I don’t think I would check it out again.  

I hope you enjoyed my quick tips on what to do in Lima and. Lima is definitely a must, not just because I am Peruvian but because it has so much character, history and an amazing cuisine.


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