Why Life is Loading?

Why Life is Loading? simply because I needed a space to get my thoughts out, a place where I could share stories, tips, advice, venting sessions and everything in between about this fast changing world.  And let’s face it, nowadays we are living our lives through a lense, a picture, a video, a snap, a blog, vlog, podcast, website or livestream, so much that it feels like our entire lives are being uploaded and they load as others check in on it. Cheesy huh? It made sense in my head.

Hola, I am Susan, some call me Susu, a nickname given to me as a joke by a sorority sister some years back. You heard it right, I am a in a sorority, a sisterhood, an hermanidad (Er-Ma-Knee-Dad) or however you want to refer to it. But, let’s get it right, it is not the type of sorority you see in the movies nowadays (no Stomp the Yard or Neighbors over here), that’s the beauty of being a member of a Latina based/founded sorority; there’s beauty in culture.

Talking about culture, I’ve lived in the United States since I arrived when I was 13 years old, I have now been here for 18 years (go ahead, do the math lol) residing in the lovely New Jersey. During my transition here, I have seen so much change through my little eyes that it is time to share.   

Being an immigrant, a 1.5 generation (we’ll talk about this later), someone who followed all the rules from immigrant parents (went to college & got two degrees, got a stable career, bought a house), travels but still is frugal as hell, and lives in this social media world, all while trying to still figure out life in her 30s without kids, has put a lot into perspective.  A lot of “I wish someone told me that,” “Is this really the American Dream?” “What else am I missing?” “What is next?” All these questions led me to create an outlet (fancy word for blog) where others could come and hopefully relate, opine, share and learn something. But learn what, you may be wondering, well this outlet will have topics on:

  • Personal Finance: You’d be surprised how many people with or without degrees can’t manage their personal finances and struggle with debt and poor credit scores. This stops us from achieving greatness! Not that a house is greatness but the less options or ways you have to bargain, the less resources available to you. Let’s even the battlefield y’all.
  • Lifestyle|Hobbies|Tips: Travel, Beauty, Reading, Photography, Health and más (more) because life can’t just be about your 9-5 or business ventures. We must balance life without breaking bank.
  • Empowerment and Reflections: Relationships discussion, figuring out ourselves/loving and being our best selves, strengths & struggles of young people of color in America today…because in today’s world, we are fucked by the “image you have in your mind of what you are supposed to be and often fail to be your best self by comparing to the person next to you.”


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